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staig & smith offer a range of services new zealand-wide and overseas and provide both an economic and cutting edge understanding of survey technology.


changes in technology
during the company’s lifespan, considerable advances in survey technology have improved the way we record, display and exchange surveyed data. communication advances mean that we can now make surveyed land information available online and accessible to a myriad of users. in embracing modern advances in survey technology, we haven’t forgotten how to employ the principles and practises on which 久久九re10热在线播放0this technology is founded. where advantageous, staig & smith continue to utilise traditional, and advanced instruments for high-precision control surveying and accurate measurement.
new technology
staig & smith ltd. operate the leica gps system 1200. this is a real time gps system giving centimetre accuracy making it ideal for a variety of applications.

    boundary locations
    marine farm survey
    topographical survey
    land transfer surveys
    easement surveys
we have complemented this system by upgrading to leica 1200 robotic total stations. these units allow for one person operation and are fully compatible with the leica gps.

staig & smith were early users to embrace the e-survey process developed by land information new zealand for the digital lodgement of survey dataset with landonline. e-survey has provided benefits through faster approval of survey plans and easy access to survey data. we can supply digital copies of certificates of title and survey plans.
our services
the land surveying team undertakes all types of land surveying and have experience in many different aspects of surveying, including cadastral, geodetic, topographic and mapping.

staff are familiar with total station instruments, global positioning systems, data recorder computers, traditional surveying instruments such as theodolites and levels, and high precision instruments used in control surveying and accurate measurement.

services available include:
  • land transfer surveys (subdivisions)
  • boundary redefinitions
  • boundary alterations
  • easements
  • legalisation surveys
  • topographical surveys for builders, architects and others
  • topographical surveys for land development purposes
  • 久久九re10热在线播放1set out of buildings
  • monitoring of movement in land and structures
  • geodetic contract work
  • data capture surveys
  • horticulture / viticulture design and setout
  • aerial photography / photogrammetry
these services are mobile, and are available outside the nelson and 久久九re10热在线播放2christchurch&啊V在线天堂3nbsp;regions.
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