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building set out1

buildings are a high value asset and may require precise positioning within a site, particularly when building close or on the boundary or observing daylight controls.

building setout

district plan requirements

buildings often require precise location on a site to ensure daylight controls and other bulk and 91国产视频3location rules are not breached.  we can assist with setting out the building foundations for position and level 91国产视频4to ensure that the completed roofline of the structure falls within daylight controls nominated in the building design.  as a minimum, any building must be set out to avoid encroachment onto 富二代国产免费观看5adjoining land, often of critical importance for commercial and industrial buildings being built to the boundary.

building as-built plans and certification

local authorities may require an as-built plan and certification from a registered professional surveyor to establish compliance with bulk and location rules for a completed building where the design is 'tight' within the various controls.  an as-built plan can readily be prepared as a follow-on from calculating and setting out the correct position of the building at foundations stage.
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